Vilten hoes mannen zwart leer
Vilten hoes mannen zwart leer Iphone 8 hoes met leren vakje mens blue accessories IPHONE CONTRAST hoes - zwart lederen pocket en sluiting - blauw Zwart leren iPhone X hoes met pocket Vilten telefoonhoesje met leren pcoket

Handig, strak en duurzaam. iPhone hoesje in blauw en zwart met leren vakje voor creditcards en sluiting. Gemaakt van wolvilt en plantaardig gelooid leer. Voor alle modellen iPhone. 


Strong colors for men. iPhone wallet case with leather and wool felt. Royal blue or ocean blue and vegetable tanned leather.
The 3 mm thick wool felt will protect your phone from scratches and falls. The leather pocket will hold 2-3 bank cards, after usage the leather may stretch a little so more cards will fit in.

Size: For all recent iPhone models: iPhone Se, Iphone 6,7,8 Iphone 6+ 7+ 8+

* Woolfelt: The lining is made of 100% merino wool, in an undyed natural dark grey colour.
* Naturally tanned buffalo leather: This leather is very strong, yet not perfect. It has small flaws and colour differences in it - and therefore we love it! Because of the thin and natural finish, the surface will change when it's in use. After assembly of the cover, the leather has been treated with a natural wax for a subtle shine.