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New! Wool yoga mat made of European sheep wool. The big difference with a sheepskin is that for the wool in this yoga mat the sheep is only sheared and can supply wool the following year.

* Available in white and black / gray (!)

* Dimensions mat: 2.00 meters x 75 cm wide

* With handy elastic to take your mat rolled up

* Non-slip studs at the bottom

This wool yoga mat is shipped free of charge in the Netherlands, within 48 hours after placing your order. Do you have a question about this yoga mat or do you want to come by to view the mat? Contact me via and I will be happy to help you.


We are partnering with a European wool company to offer you the finest wool yoga mat available. Soft and comfortable for both you and the sheep that produce the wool. For a life long positive experience. We offer this bio wool yoga mat in 2 colors: White and Gray / Black, which is very rare on the market.