Ereader for Kobo or Kindle cover in black leather / off-white stitching / anthracite lining / red accents.

A full leather cover for your Kobo or Kindle ereader. This water buffalo leather is made especially for us. It has a clear structure, the color is matte black and it has small irregularities. The beautiful texture of the leather is difficult to capture on camera.The lining of the cover is made of a thin layer of anthracite unpainted wool felt.

Tip. Is the cover a gift? Make it a personalized gift by adding initials to the cover. This is a separate product and you view and order it here.

** Pay attention. There are various versions of the Kobo Aura. Please check the name of your ereader carefully. For example, there is an "Aura 2nd generation" and an "Aura H2O 2nd generation ". **

Do you have a different ereader? Here's a list of ereaders so that you can compare which standard size of our collection comes close to your ereader.