Vilten hoesje for iPhone 12 and 13, with extra check box in a contrasting color felt. Put together your own colors, there are endless possibilities. In the pictures you can see a number of examples; grey with yellow and gray with royal blue.

* Base color: unpainted wool felt, pure wool of 3 mm thick. Colors: Gray, sandbrown or black.
* Contrasting color for the for box:Red, Yellow, Ocean Blue, Koningsblue, MosGroen, Fris green, Burnt orange, Black or Dark Pink.

Design features:

* Size: For all iPhone models. Also, an XL measure for iPhone with additional protective bumper or case is possible, for this you choose the size iPhone + Apple cover/similar. Your cough is made around about 1 cm in size.
* An extra stitching at the bottom so that your passes are easily accessible and they do n' t sink too deep in the box. (as seen on the blue-grey hoesje)

How do you order the right color: During the ordering process, you can send a message. Write in this the basic color and the contrasting color.