Vilten hoes - pure wol als beste bescherming. ** Wijkt de maat van jouw telefoon, tablet of laptop af van onze standaard (Apple) maten? Ook dan kan je een Dutch Design wol vilt hoes aanschaffen. Hoe? lees het hieronder, in het engels.

Are you looking for a custom size felt or leather case for your phone, tablet or laptop? We can make this for you. Our collection is focussed on Apple products, but we are aware that there are many other brands and types of phones, tablet or laptops. Also if you are looking for a portfolio bag or case or a power bank sleeve you are welcome to send in your request for a custom order. We have been making custom cases and bags for over a decade, to clients all over the world.

To streamline the process of the custom requests, we have created this product listing. Once you have requested your item (see below how this works) we will direct you to page with the amount to choose for checkout. We kindly ask you to not place order this before we have responded to your request.

How does it work:

Please let us know through the request form what kind of bag or case you need. Info we need:

* name / type and exact measurement of your device

* Design and colours for your bag or case (sending us a link can help!)

* If there is time pressure: deadline of delivery. We cannot guarantee on time delivery but we will be transparent about the likelihood to meet your request.

* Please take at least 10 business days into account for production time of custom orders

* Please understand before making your reqeuest: : We do not copy existing design from others. Custom work has to be in line with our current collection regarding materials, construction and design. If you require a design that is very different form our collection we might decline your request or ask for minimum order amount of multiple pieces.