A new chapter begins for Westerman Bags!

Dear friends and customers,
We have some special news to share with you all – a new chapter in the Westerman Bags journey is about to start!
After 10 wonderful years of crafting small-batch wool felt bags and covers from our cozy studio in the east of the Netherlands, we are now excited to start on an adventure of a lifetime.
We're moving to the sunny South of France by the end of May!
For years, Wim and I have dreamt of living abroad, in the warm Spanish or French sun and embracing a new way of life, with more space for our work, for gardening, animals… in a deeper connection with nature.

Our story started in a beautiful monumental girls' school from the 1920s, in Oud-Beijerland near Rotterdam, where Westerman Bags and our family blossomed.
With the gentle hum of my machines echoing through the large living room every evening, we realized that a separate studio was essential.
Back then, I often wondered how long wool felt would stay trendy enough to keep my business going strong. Little did I know that wool's natural fibers would only grow in popularity over time!
10 years ago we moved to my hometown in the quiet countryside of the East Netherlands, where our cozy wooden garden studio thrived. And as our children grew older (and even ventured off to attend school in India), our dreams for a new beginning grew alongside them.
In our current home in Nieuwleusen, I have cherished moments in my little garden studio, with the nice smell of the oil heater in winter and the antique 99-drawer cupboard that has been the centerpiece of my creative space. And yes, this cherished cupboard will be making the journey with us to France!

Wim and I have meticulously planned our French adventure, pouring our hearts and souls into every detail. From rebuilding our current house to finding the perfect farmhouse in the tiny hamlet of Monties in the Midi Pyrenees, (yes you can look it up!), learning French and finishing all our projects here in the Netherlands, every step has been a labor of love.
And the best … We'll have a breathtaking view of the majestic Pyrenees – a dream come true for me!
The good news is.. this is not goodbye. While we take some time to settle into our new home, we will temporarily close shop after May 2nd. Any orders placed after that will be processed after summer. We will return after the summer, ready to continue creating your MacBook covers, iPhone wallets, and bags. The only difference? Your orders will now be sent from the sunny countryside of France!
If you ever find yourself in the lovely rolling hills of the Midi Pyrenees, we are happy to welcome you. We are creating a B&B and small campground, where you can experience the beauty and tranquility of French countryside living.
Cheers to new beginnings and endless adventures!

And a big cheers to all who've followed their heart's calling, making the impossible possible.

We're especially grateful for those who've been with us since the early days, back when we crafted covers for the iPhone 3. From the depths of our hearts, thank you for joining us on this journey.

With love and gratitude,
Annemieke and Wim