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New interior for MacBook Pro in 2018 - get new looks right here

With the new release of MacBook Pro 13" and 15" in 2018, there is not much "new" to see in the first place.. It's the same body with a powerful new system. If you take the (financial) leap & get one of these Apple beauties, you want to show off! How can you show off with your new computer when it looks exactly the same as the older model? Lucky you, you're at the right place. At Westerman Bags we sell all natural and eye-catching cases, sleeves and bags for your new Macbook. 

The sizes for the Macbook models from 2016-.. are suitable for the new 2018 and onward MacBooks. 

We have basic felt sleeves which double as a mat to put your computer on. Do you want to carry everything in one case - we have the classic case designed to suit your macbook, charger, booklet, pens and phone. 


Classic Case macbook - woolfelt with extra pockets and leather closure

Felt MacBook Pro cases by westerman bags


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