De 3 beste ereaders en hoe je daar de beste hoes bij kiest :) - Westerman Bags vilten tassen en hoezen. Dutch Design.

The 3 best ereaders and how you choose the best cover :)

Kobo has brought a new ereader on the market and this has been happy to have been given a whole new name. With the know-how-how much version of the Kobo Aura it was difficult to offer the right size cover on our website. With the Kobo Clara S that solved and for that reason alone this ereader is at the top of our list. You will find an extensive review of the Kobo Clara here

Our favorite cover for the Kobo Clara is the Classic Case Vilten Hoes In gray. Classic and stylish.

Felt cover for kobo clara with leather closure


Number 2 is the Kindle PaperWhite - We really have been felting for years for the Kindle PaperWhite. In the Netherlands this is perhaps not the most popular ereader, but at Amazon this is by far the most sold ereader. You can only read books on this ereader via Amazon. You can read a nice, short review here.Our tip for a good cover for the Kindle Paperwhite is the Felt yellow-gray insert cover.

Ereader covers from felt and leather from Westerman Bags

The Kobo Aura OneIs currently the nose of the salmon among the ereaders. With a large and clear screen, this ereader is at the top of my list when my own ereader (Kobo Glo HD) is due for replacement. This top model naturally deserves a ditto protective cover - we find the fully leather ereader cover from Cognac or Black (new color!) Water buffalo Learn to fit completely with the Kobo Aura One.

Leather cover for Kobo Aura One

BONUS! Because we are a - Trots -Dutch company, I can't help put a real Dutch product in the spotlight. Did you know that there is also an ereader from Dutch soil: The Icarus!We do not yet have a standard collection of covers for this ereader. If you would like to felt or learn cover for your Icarus ereader, please send us a message and we would like to make one for you.

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