Name text on your Felt cover.

Make your Felt cover personal and unique by adding a name or text to it. By a special printing method I can make beautiful prints in the leather with brass letters and numbers. The letter height is 8 mm in elegant and clear font Ubuntu.

How does it work.

If you want to order a case with a leather name text on it, you best 2 products: Your felt laptop, iPad or phone case and also the name text VANMIJ.

The text that should be on the leather you specify exactly in the message field to me with your order. You will automatically encounter this when you place the order.

If you order a cover with a leather closure, the leather with the name text will have the same color as the closure.


* All letters of the alphabet A-Z (without punctuation marks on the letters, so unfortunately no umlaut or trema)

* Numbers 0-9

* There is 1 kind of letter, and no difference in uppercase or lowercase letters

* Special characters: & #+@♥ (the heart is an "open" heart as in a line drawing)

* Delivery time: if you order a personalized cover or bag, the delivery time is 5 - 10 working days. If you need it on a certain date, please let me know and I will do my best to deliver it on time.

Your logo on a felt cover

I also work with custom logo designs in leather. For this, a brass stamp is first made, there are one-time costs involved. This stamp can then be used endlessly to stamp in leather. Feel free to send me message to discover if a felt cover with leather company logo is for you.