Customized request form

Are you looking for a felt cover in the colors of your company logo? Or a sleek and contemporary gift for your employees or relationships, where your logo is stamped on a felt cover or bag?

I make felt covers and bags commissioned for you or for your company in a small edition, from a few pieces and more. These can be covers in the color of your company logo, with your logo stamped in leather or a special shape cover for a device.

For small adjustments you can also make a customized request for 1 item (1 pieces).

I Make Custom Designs in Small Batches, From Several Pieces and More. This Mainly Includes Variations to My Collection Items Products, With Adjustments AS in Size, Color, Closure or a CUSTOM Branded Logo. You can also request an adjustment on an item from my collection for a one-off piece in a different color or a special device.

How does it work:
(You can answer the questions in Dutch.)

Please let us know through the form below what child or bag or case you need. Info we need from you and some info to take into account when you place your request:

* Name / Type and Exact Measurement of Your Device.
* Design and colors for your bag or case (Sending an image or link will help!)
* If there is time pressure: deadline or delivery. I Cannot Guarantee on Time Delivery (Except with Fed Ex Delivery) But I Will Be Transparent about the Likelihood to meet Your Request.
* Please take at Least 10 Business Days Into Account for Production Time of Custom Orders

Please Understand Before Making Your Request: :

* I do not copy existing design from ethers. Custom work has to be in Line with My Current Collection Regarding Materials, Construction and Design. If you require a design that is very different form my collection i might decline your request or ask for a certain minimum order amount of multiple pieces.
* Please take into account that I charge 20% - 70% on top of the original price for a custom work.
* Discounts are not valid for custom orders.