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Strippenkaart Etsy and Shopify Support & Coaching

Strippenkaart Etsy and Shopify Support & Coaching

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20 stripping 15 minutes for Etsy + Shopify Support.

With a 5 euro discount per hour on the regular hourly rate of 80 euros (in 2021) with 20 strips of 15 minutes.

4 strips for 80 euros

This strippenkaart is valid for 2 years and is settled per fifteen minutes.

You can book a session directly in my calendar:

This contains sessions of half an hour, but that can also be shorter or longer, we calculate what you actually use.

Preferably the agreements take place via Zoom and I look with you in your screen in the Etsy or Shopify environment to you

1 - So fast possible to help

2 - That you it next time yourself can do

3 - Extra tips to give for your working method while you are busy

While booking your appointment you can already pass on your questions, try to formulate your questions as clearly as possible so that I can read in, that saves time during our session.

The meeting can be included on request and you can receive the recording afterwards.

The strips are kept in the strippenkaart app. You will receive a message about this by email as soon as your card has been created. If you use a strip you will receive an email with an overview of how many strips you still have and how long they are still valid.

Do you need a different form of coaching when setting up your online store in Etsy or Shopify? Feel free to send me an email and we will make an appointment via Zoom to discuss what I can do for you.

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