The common thread at Westerman Bags stands for connection, attention to design and a crush on sustainable Dutch Design.My felt designs are sent all over the world from my studio in the east of the Netherlands. On the map below you see an orange dot where a cover or bag from Westerman bags is in use.

Etsy sales map for Westerman Bags

About Annemieke Westerman.

As a maker of functional items, I get the most satisfaction from the direct connection with the process and the end result; my idea takes shape and goes directly to the end user. With pride, energy and especially attention I connect those three pillars of my brand: The most beautiful natural materials, a stylish product and my customers. After studying engineering and fashion design, I made a magical alliance with my sewing machine and Apple computer. By developing every part of my company myself, all details have been worked out in a personal and refined style.

Hi, I am Annemieke Westerman and I believe in the craftsmans way of life: the command over materials, tools & processes. In an era of ruthlessly cheap imports, I take pride in handcrafting each item from premium materials with an eye for details and functionality.

Annemieke Westerman owner of Westerman Bags


Training company.

Besides working with my hands, I look for inspiration in and connection with people. I do this as an examiner of a fashion course, as an internship company and as a networker. I work with the SBB, Landstede and Cibap. Are you looking for an internship, feel free to contact us.



Westerman Bags are made in the Netherlands from natural materials and renewable sources.
My wool felt and leather products are designed with a distinctive style and function: They are made from 100% wool, vegetable tanned leather and are processed with great care. It is my mission to make a contemporary and functional product with natural materials, whereby I produce as little waste as possible and avoid plastic.

Natural materials cover and bag


Sell ​​online.

Besides a lifelong passion for making, I am an online "fempreneur" and inspirator. Since I can remember I have been on the road with a laptop, photos and writing. I wrote blogs when it still had to be in html and Hyves still had to become hip. I believe that online entrepreneurship is often seen as complicated, especially by women. I think it can be a wonderful means for independence and a showcase for you in addition to motherhood, care tasks, etc.

I've been using Etsy for my international sales for decades and Shopify for my mostly BeNeLux sales. I like to help women and groups of women on their way to get over the feeling of "I am A-technical" and "oh, but that is nothing for" and to step into the endless possibilities of the online world.

There is an extensive interview with Annemieke Westerman about selling online via Etsy Financially Independent Blog

Please rest assured Contact me if you want to know more about this or if you need a kickstart to get started with your business. I give kickstart sessions on a donation basis via Zoom (and live if that is possible again) and discuss with you how you can:

* You can choose in which online platform is best for your plan / idea / business / dream

* Hands-on: How to set up your Etsy shop

* How to get started with Shopify

* How to reach customers all over the world from the Netherlands

I wish everyone the freedom to work from home, with all the tasks that you as a woman (and as a man) also have in your life, from your passion and heart. Because we all have the power of creation within us. Shine on!