To get you started with your creative online business, I am the Etsy + Shopify NL Support Group Started.

I believe in the golden formula of an Etsy shop plus a Shopify webshop and I like to share my experience and knowledge with other creative entrepreneurs. That's why I became a Shopify partner and can help you set up your Shopify web store.


Etsy entrepreneur of the first hour and blogger from the Stone Age. But above all I am the creator and creator of Westerman Bags: Annemieke Westerman. --> As a small business owner you do so much yourself - from designing, making, selling to shipping - and to be successful you simply have to use good tools where possible. As an Etsy expert and Shopify partner, I'm very happy to help like-minded creatives along the way with their heart creations. Do you have any questions? Email me!!

The Etsy and Shopify Group is a private Facebook group of Etsy Shop owners and/or Shopify merchant owners. The goal of this group is to bring webshop owners together and talk about ecommerce and Shopify and to help each other be successful. Together we can solve problems, share resources, help each other and more. (If you don't have a Facebook account, you can ask your questions directly via email or app.)


* Unlimited development time for your Shopify shop (otherwise you're going to pay after 2 weeks!)
* Dutch Etsy expert who will help you with your questions

--> Open Shopify website can be done through me (Annemieke Westerman) with an indefinite period for the development of your website. Your gaat only pay when your website goes live and I can watch the design with you. Send a message and I'll be happy to help you.
--> Opening an Etsy shop: 40 free listings.

- Etsy shop owners who are interested in expanding their Etsy shop with their own website/webshop on Shopify.
- Store owners of other sales platforms who want to start a Shopify website.

This group is managed and managed by Annemieke Westerman, Shopify partner and owner of the Shopify webshop www.westermanbags.comand Etsy shop

NOTE: This group is not officially affiliated with Shopify nor Etsy. It is a private group for Shopify store owners, or those interested in getting started with Shopify.


Etsy + Shopify NL Support Group