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To help you on your way with your creative online company, I started Etsy + Shopify Coaching and Support in 2019. After writing this blogAbout entrepreneurship and selling through Etsy and from home, I received so many questions and reactions from enthusiastic creative people. I decided it was time to share my experience and knowledge. The super fun is that my online success is not reserved for me; It is not a Rocket Science. The tools I use for my online sales are available to everyone and require few financial resources. a

- For the fast decision makers: you want NOW Starting?! Then use the info and links below. If you want to know more about selling your own creations online, read on, become a member of the private Facebook Support Group or

-> If you want to start an Etsy store, you will do so this link To get 40 free listings. These are your "product pages" on Etsy that remain visible for 4 months if you pay 20 cents for it. So it means that you can actually start selling on Etsy without investment.

-> Do you want to start a Shopify store with unlimited development time, send me one messageAnd you can get started within 24 hours to sell your first product online.

I believe in the golden formula of an Etsy Shop Plus a Shopify web store and I like to share my experience and knowledge with other creative entrepreneurs. That is why I have become a Shopify partner and I can help you set up your Shopify web store.

Who's that girl?

As an Etsy entrepreneur of the first hour and blogger from the Stone Age, I have experienced a wonderful adventure with which I have now generated more than 10,000 international sales. My online adventure is not nearly over yet, the world is changing quickly and that always brings new challenges and possibilities. Supporting creative makers who also want on an adventure is a wonderful sequel to this. But above all I am the maker and creator of Westerman Bags: Annemieke Westerman. -> As a small entrepreneur you do so much yourself - from designing, making, selling to sending - and to be successful you simply have to use good tools where possible. As an Etsy Expert and Shopify Partner, I am very happy to help Like-Minded creative people along the way with their heart creations. Do you have questions? Mail me !!

Etsy seller and coach Westerman Bags Annemieke in Atelier


Let's Team Up!
The Etsy and Shopify Group is a private Facebook group of Etsy Shop owners and/or Shopify web store owners. The aim of this group is to bring our webshop owners together and talk about eCommerce and Shopify and to help each other to be successful. Together we can solve problems, share sources, help each other and more. (If you do not have a Facebook account, you can ask your questions directly via mail or app.)

The most important advantages:

*Unlimited Develop time for your Shopify Shop (otherwise you have to pay after 2 weeks!)
* Dutch Etsy expert who helps you with your questions
* Learn from experiences and questions from others


-> Open Shopify Website is possible through me (Annemieke Westerman) with an indefinite period of time for the development of your website. Your gaaT only pay when your website goes live and I can watch the design with you. Send a message and I will be happy to help you further.
-> Open an Etsy Shop: 40 free listings.

Who can become a member?
- Etsy Shop owners who are interested in expanding their Etsy Shop with their own website/webshop on Shopify.
- Shop owners of other sales platforms who want to start a Shopify website.

This group is managed and managed by Annemieke Westerman, Shopify partner and owner of the Shopify Webshop www.westermanbags.comand Etsy Shop

Note: This Group is not official affiliated with Shopify Nor Etsy. IT is a private group for shopify store owners, or those interested in getting started with shopify.


Etsy + Shopify NL Support Group