Sustainability is literally the common thread through my company; It connects thoughtful designs, natural material use and vision for the future .. to a future with less (none!) Waste and more honest work. All designs also have a "common thread", the connecting factor between design, sustainability and you as a happy end user!


I would like to take you on a trip to 2025. To a healthy and green world where there is room for people and nature. To be able to do that, I am permanently making my company more sustainable and reducing the ecological footprint. With every choice I make, reducing waste and emissions is paramount.


That is what I am committed to, with every step I take as a person, as a Westerman Bags owner and with every cover I sew.

Westerman Bags Green Steps Green Heart Logo

The most important pillars of my mission:

 * Delivering a functional and timeless product

By designing a timeless product you choose an anti-fashion; I have no horny collections that force you to buy something new again. With a Westerman Bags you protect your precious electronics with a product that you can be proud of. Regardless of fashion or trends.

* The use of natural materials of renewable sources

Westerman Bags Unpainted wool felt is 100% biological degradable. It contains no chemicals. All the wool felt and leather comes from renewable sources. These never get exhausted.

* Transparency of the production process

"Where does that come from, where is that made?" I want to make the entire production process transparent for everyone. In the near future I will also provide insight into the production process of our materials. For this I work together with my suppliers from home and abroad.

* Fair trade

The bags and accessories from Westerman Bags are made in the Netherlands. That is well -arranged and expensive. To make this possible, I sell the customer directly as much as possible, via my web shops www.westermanbags.com and internationally via Etsy

* Reduce waste: Zero Waste in 2025!

We go green, you too? I always make small and large choices to reduce waste. In 2025, Westerman Bags no longer produces waste! Do you have an idea what you can do with small pieces of leather, yarn or felt? Let me know!

We now make envelopes of recycled material (old Kalanders, Atlases), we keep the smallest possible stock and we come up with new projects and designs to re-use our waste material.