Duurzaamheid missie  - afvalvrij in 2025

Sustainability Mission - Waste -free in 2025

Sustainability is literally the red Wire through my company Westerman bags. It connects thoughtful designs, natural material use (wool felt) and a clear vision .. to a future with less (none!) Waste and more fair work. In all my wool felting, there is a "common thread", the connecting factor between design, sustainability and you as a happy end user!

Felt flowerpot cactus plant holder wool felt

I would like to take you on a trip to 2025. To a healthy and green world where there is room for people and nature. To be able to do that, I am permanently making my company more sustainable and reducing the ecological footprint. With every choice I make, reducing waste and emissions is paramount.

That is what I am committed to, with every step I take as a person, as a Westerman Bags owner and with every cover that I sew.

 Hands Red thread case felt and learn

Westerman Bags Green Steps Green Heart Logo


* Reduce waste: Zero Waste in 2025!

Packaging material is a big thorn in my eye. If I order something online myself, which is now completely inevitable in times of Corona, I look forward to the packaging. It is often plastic or paper with a lot of plastic tape. Packing well is a must, because what is the help of a damaged product? The challenge lies in the use of as few packaging material as possible and as much as possible recycled, unprinted and unbleached paper and cardboard. My felt bags and covers are fortunately not so sensitive to transport damage but must be packaged as well as they go by post. For that I use 90% recycled brown cardboard without print. The purpose of my packaging is that you can use a few more times before it goes to the paper recycling.

Meanwhile, my wool felt remains are used on a small scale by creative mothers, out -of -school care and at the Free School. The small pieces can be put together with a sturdy Zig and then you can make soles for under slippers, and knee pieces for your jeans. If you cut small circles, you can stick them under the chair and table legs with double -sided tape so that they can move sound and scratchless through your room or classroom.

Wolvilt bags and covers cut pieces


I go green, you too? I always make small and large choices to reduce waste. My goal: in 2025 Westerman Bags no longer produces waste! Do you have an idea what you can do with small pieces of leather, yarn or felt? Let me know!


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