Een duurzaam hoesje voor Fairphone 3 - Westerman Bags vilten tassen en hoezen. Dutch Design.

A sustainable case for Fairphone 3

The latest version of the honest telephone "Fairphone" has been on the market since the end of 2019. Do you already know the Fairphone concept? Scroll quickly to read which sustainable covers are available for Fairphone.

Fairphone super sympathetic: I had the honor to test the Fairphone 3 for a few weeks. That's how I have my felt covers  Being able to tailor to size for the Fairphone 3 and of course I could experience how the fairphone works in real life. I was very pleasantly surprised by the convenience, size and quality of the screen. But before I immediately praise my covers for the Fairphone, you may first want to know what Fairphone actually is.

Fairphone 3 Wallet cover from felt


What is Fairphone?

What’s in a name - it's a fair -phone. Is that possible? An "honest" smartphone? That was my first thought when I heard about this. Since the very first version of the Fairphone case for this honest phone, I have been making. It was a hit; Westerman Bags and Fairphone turned out to be a perfect combination because we have sustainability, transparency and Dutch design.

Get to know Fairphone in 3 steps.

  • Insight & involvement: The Fairphone has been developed for people who want to have insight into the production process of their phone. Why would you want that? The production of a smartphone is full of unfair practices from start to finish. Fairphone wants to change this industry from the inside by giving a voice to anyone who is concerned with the way in which products are made. The production process is at least as important as the phone itself.
  • Modern & Full: The Fairphone 3 has everything you expect from a smartphone and much more. Because Fairphone uses materials that are better for the planet and improves the working conditions of the makers of your phone. Because it also matters how your phone is made.
  • Fair & Change: Fairphone wants to make a positive impact. Fairphone places people and the earth first; They care about human rights and the well -being of workers. In the development and production of the fairphone, the climate and the vulnerable ecosystem of our planet (of which we only have!) Is saved by reducing and using waste.

Are you inspired and are you also considering purchasing a fairphone? This is possible via the website of Fairphone itself, Or via a number of telephone providers in combination with a subscription such as Ben and KPN.

Felt and Fairphone, it's really a perfect combination. In the designs of my phone cases I use wool felt which is made of 100% pure wool. It is a natural product without plastics and therefore forms a beautiful parallel with the sustainable fairphone. All my covers are made in the Netherlands, in a well -arranged and personal production process.

Wallet cover felt wool felt for fairphone 3

Fairphone wallet with felt and leather

The "wallet cover" has been a bestseller for years because you have so handy in one grip your phone and cards together. This cover has a vegetable tanned leather closure, which is leather with the smallest possible environment impact because it is not tanned with heavy metals.

Fairphone 3 case from the Netherlands from Wolvilt 

Response from a customer from Amsterdam: “Very nice case that fits exactly around the fairphone. The phone is firmly in the case, is therefore safely stored. The finish is beautiful. Especially the seam at the transition from the yellow to gray is beautiful. And the two red accents, I stand out. "


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Klopt het dat ik de fairphone hoesjes niet in de webshop zie staan? Hoe kan ik er een bestellen?


Hoi, waar komt de wol vandaan?
Groet, Anne


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