Hallo Annemieke - gratis leren naam logo - Westerman Bags vilten tassen en hoezen. Dutch Design.

Hello Annemieke - Free leather name logo

A personal gift is of course the best. But where do you find that? Yes here! Because on our bags and covers you can have initials made or a whole name, in leather. Very special. To show how that works, we have a special offer for special ladies.

Is your name Annemieke? Are you looking for a gift for a Annemieke? Then I have something nice for you. You can if your name is Annemieke, or if you know someone named Annemieke, let the Annemieke logo sew on a cover or bag from the Westerman Bags collection for free!

How does it work: have you already selected a nice felt cover? (Tip: It seems that Annemieke's very much red Keep) simply pay it via the website. Then send an email via the link below with the request to add Annemieke. Great? Great!

Mail us to free Annemieke Logo to add to your cover!


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