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Learning Works Workshop Leathercraft for Kids

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No, so it is not a new collection but a very nice project. It is called the talent carousel and has to connect the talents of parents with children in primary school. Very intensive, but also wonderful to be able to think and create differently, to be able to step outside the framework of the clean lines of my collection and .. to work with your hands. Sorry Dutchies, the text is in English, after 10 years of Etsy texts in English this really goes better in English.

Workshop Learning Works 8-12 years


Workshop New Collection? No?!?! Last Week I Started an Intense Period of 6 Leatherworking Workshops in 3 Week for 2 Primary School Groups. I spent a Few Evenings Making Examples and My Trainee Did Most of the Pre-Cutting / Pre-Knotting / Pre-Punching 💪🏼 This Picture Shows the Phone Case which the Oldest Kids Will Be Making in the Following 2 Lessons. It is so inspiring to see how handy they already are, if they take the time .. as most of the boys could concentrate for about 4 minutes 🙄 So I Will Now Divide The Group Into 2. One Group Will start working on the iPhone Case While the Others Will Draw and Cut Leather Feathers for a Necklace or Keyfob. Now you Might Wonder - A Phone Case? Yes, I Asked Them (The Group of 8-12 Years Old) What they would like to make after Their first leather working a leather bracelet, some carving and handsewing. The Main Answer was -Phone Case. I realized that the kids whithout a Phone Were Quiet, so there will be other projects to make for them.

Modus Operandi // I need to share some Words about my experience in that classroom -/ After Those 4 minutes The Boys Became So Loud, I Could Not Talk or Think Withore. What has happened to habits, to social behavior? Rules in the classroom? Listen to each other? Boy .... what a job; teacher 🙏🏽 † It was also a reflection on the way I prefer to work, the atmosphere I create when I need to be productive - calm is the magic word. I
Always Try To Set Up A Quiet Place to Work by Myelf or Even With My Kids Around We have a modus operandi all Together. In a classroom with this noise it would be impossible for me to produce anything.I realized I am blessed with my 2 calm kiddos. Or is that DNA? Well it 's good to know I have a few #personalChallenges ahead, at primary school :) //

DNA And .. Back to the Leathercraft: Do You Recognize Our Family DNA in these Pieces of Art? Miss P. Made the Triangle Case in this last picture.

DIY KitIf you are interested in this child of Leather craft or would you like to receive this as a DIY Leather craft kit please let me know. I am looking into the possibilities of setting this up as a new product so I'd be happy to hear your thoughts!
- Annemieke



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