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Reducing waste. Green Design Choice #1

This is the very first blog about Green Design Choice, in which I want to share with you why and how we make everyday choices at Westerman Bags - to reduce waste. Sharing our story in this process - for a waste free world - is to inspire others and also  for reminding ourselves of choices we already made and things we want to change in future. I can tell you one thing - we do not have a solution for every scrap or piece of plastic yet .. so .. your input is very welcome! Our goal is to spread the vision that we ALL need a chance in handling our waste if we do NOT want our waste to be the problem of our kids kids. Let's leave them a better heritage than our waste, a heritage we can all be proud of: a healthy mother earth. We want to uplift and embrace those who already have made programs and products that embrace the idea of zero waste in 2025.

"Zero waste is the vision to build a society that enjoys a sustainable rubbish-free lifestyle, with no need for incineration or landfill. The three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle – are central to discussions about waste management, as are the four Ls – local, low cost, low impact and low tech. The science of waste management must be based on everyday life – and that’s why a small business such as Westerman Bags wants to be an example for every business, by sharing our ideas and choices right here."

It's a challenge and a new way of looking at the way we run our business and we just can't do it all by ourselves. We will post our changes as short messages on Instagram and facebook. Feel free to post your comments, we love your positive input, tips and inspiration!

Here's to a waste free world with happy and healthy people.

- cheers, Annemieke


Westerman Bags Zero waste - minder afval meer geluk 



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