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Do you know that feeling of surprise and energy when you are approached from a totally different direction than you are used to? That people who are not busy with felt or Dutch design do you find you? That happened to me with Mr Fob. The writer of the financially independent blog. The title says a lot, and admit, who doesn't want to live in financial freedom? So I took the challenge with Mr. FOB one to write extensively article About my work with and on Etsy.

"Starting a web store is nowadays viaEtsyvery easy. This way you can sell home -made products through your own webshop to a large audience. And starting your own webshop is also a great way to be financially independent. Or an excellent way to get rid of that annoying boss by becoming an independent entrepreneur if things take a larger flight. "

When I tell about Etsy and my store, most people are instantly enthusiastic. That's how working and living, many people see that. But then ... of course it requires more than being a bit handy and have a nice idea. The guest Blog article contains a lot of information and many tips.
Below a small piece from the blog about myself, for inspiration!

"I am Annemieke Westerman, owner and designer at Westerman Bags located in Nieuwleusen. My studio and from there my designs are sent around the world.
I am a maker and a connector; Before I started working with Westerman Bags 10 years ago, worker, executive secretary, tour leader and entrepreneur in the event world is worked out. As a maker of functional items, I get the most satisfaction from the direct connection with the process and the end result; My idea takes shape and goes straight to the end user.
My brand is mainly for sale online. For the Benelux on myOwn web storeand internationally onEtsy.
In addition to working with my hands, I search for inspiration and connection with people. I do this as an examiner of a fashion training, as an internship company and as a networker. †

Something for you, start a web store? Or do you already have your own webshop or Etsy shop? If so, how do you like that? If you have any questions, ask them below!

** This article was previously written on the blog of our previous website **

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