Selling worldwide with Etsy | Handmade goods all over the world - Westerman Bags vilten tassen en hoezen. Dutch Design.

Selling worldwide with Etsy | Handmade goods all over the world

Selling your handmade goods - All over the world sounds like a dream, but really, you can make it real with Etsy. Did you ever hear of Etsy? I have been a proud Etsy seller AND ambassador ever since the launch of Etsy back in 2005. On the map you see my Etsy sales up till now (2018). This is such a nice feature and it makes me smile and proud!  I live in a small village and people here often have no clue what I am doing. Something with sewingmachines.. so they ask me if I can shorten their curtains.. "you have a sewing machine don't you" because the sewing studio nearby is so expensive ..really. I found a good solution for that: Eye-catching advertising on my car! Ever since the first week I drove around town (uh, village) Westerman Bags is becoming well-known, even in Nieuwleusen ;) I hear back that when people find me through the internet and then come visit my atelier, they are amazed with how small my studio is compared to the ​image they get from my website and collection. I need the web AND my little countryside village to get the work done. The postoffice and (a few) shops are nearby and so are our friends and family. It's the perfect inward focus for my business - I can sell worldwide without leaving the village. Ah such a boring life (not). Looking forward to adding many more orange dots on the map! Yeah!

Want to start the adventure & open an Etsy shop?

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To All Etsy sellers: here's the link to the Etsy sales map app: ​, the app is no longer working)


Etsy sale map for westerman bags | Etsy verkopen kaart


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