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Free online workshop with Etsy and Shopify

Hello creative entrepreneur! Are you about to sell your own creations online, or did you just take a first step on Etsy or Shopify? And now you can't see through the trees the forest through all the options and possibilities? Or would you like to know more about what it takes to start selling your own work online?

Then you're good here! 

I organize about every six weeks a FREE workshop for anyone who is about to, or has just begun, sell ONLINE physical or digital items from home. 

This workshop is HELEMAAL FREE and is intended to help you on the way in and inform you about the world of Etsy & Shopify. 

Workshop Online with Etsy and Shopify, free via Zoom


A winding road

The workshop is about the lessons I learned on the way to 5000's sales at Etsy and why you can use Etsy + Shopify well together. The goal is you (everyone!) to inspire you to especially continue to display &sell your own creations. So if you are thinking about selling your products online or you have just taken the first step, you are in the right place!!

I believe that everyone can make money and have a positive impact with craft. Even if you work from home and also by staying small. It's a powerful signal to believe in your own creative power.

Shops are closed, windows are not viewed and markets/fairs are closed. Now is the time to delve into an online "presence" 

Have you ever thought about showing your work online, like a window?  

Or you want to build a whole store for a global audience. 

Where is your challenge? Small and large questions are welcome, silly questions do not exist. But the MOOD to ask does exist, so come on! 

What would you like to know, or what are you up against? Please let us know your question below in the comments.

MY MOTTO: Let us celebrate together that ONLINE exists and make it beautiful and personal.


This initiative for a free kick-start workshop Etsy + Shopify was created when I reached the milestone of 5000 sales Etsy. I broke my head about how to celebrate that. I can't have people coming into my studio right now during Corona and I can offer a discount code all year round. Until I got another nice enthusiastic e-mail from a creative and brave person asking if I could give tips for doing business on Etsy. My creative brain that was always looking for connections was in action and I knew; it's time to share! 

I have enjoyed of the great online adventure in the last fifteen years; selling online with traps and rises. With success stories and tears. Cancel your job for a full income. As a woman playing, I've learned a lot, and now it's time to share. Because everyone can do this, it's not rocket science. A little help might be helpful. 

* Support &coaching for Etsy & Shopify entrepreneurs via a stripto stay in the flow with small and big questions about online sales with Etsy and or Shopify

*6 weeks online intensive entrepreneurs program to sell in one year from 1 to 100 with your product. 

If you want to stay up to date with tips and tricks about selling your own creations online with Etsy + Shopify, please subscribe to my Online Kickstart newsletter (link below).

The next intro workshop on sales at Etsy and Shopify is at

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What the participants say about this workshop:
"Thank you so much for your workshop last night. 🙏 I thought you did it in a very nice and relaxed way! It has given me quite an inspiration!" Yeah. Judith. 
"What a beautiful energy you have! Thank you for sharing. I do have an interest in the Shopify development website, to build quietly. " - Gabriela
"Thank you for last night! As you saw, I stayed and the information was important to me. In addition, it was a pleasure to be together in entrepreneurial spirit and special how you shared everything. I wish I could enjoy your success. " - Charlotte



Annemieke, why are you giving a FREE workshop? I like to share my knowledge and experience because that makes me happy. I have enough, and there is enough for everyone because I believe that life from abundance, gives abundance. 

With creative and courageous greetings! I'll see you at the next workshop!


- Annemieke Jagat

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