Kobo Kindle Ereader Hoes - Contrast series with leather closure - Yellow and gray

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EReader cover of the contrast series in 2 colors of felt: gray and yellow with leather closure. For all common ereaders from Kobo and Kindle. Now also for Kobo Clara HD.

Material: 100% wool felt and a vegetable tanned leather closure.

Tip. Is the cover a gift? Make it a personal gift by adding initials to the cover. This is a separate product and you view and order it here.

** NB. There are various versions of the Kobo Aura. Please check the name of your ereader. For example, there is an "aura 2nd generation" and an "aura H2O 2nd generation ". **

Do you have another ereader? Here is a list of ereaders So that you can compare which standard size of our collection comes close to your ereader.