Green Design Steps - Zero Waste in 2025

We are happy to take you on a trip to 2025. To a healthy and green world where there is room for people and nature. To be able to do that, we are permanently making our company more sustainable and reducing our ecological footprint. With every choice we make, reducing waste and emissions is paramount. Here, on this page we keep with #Greentesignteps which small and large changes and choices we make for a better world and a better product.


February 2019: In the context of Zero Waste, we are developing a number of workshops to make a sustainable product of existing materials together. The plans are not yet concrete, but the themes will be: make ZeroWaste bag and make a Bees Wax wraps. There are so many possibilities, do you have ideas or a question, let us know!


Felt Nature Woolfelt Planter Natural Succulent Moldboard