3 Tips voor meer verkopen en reviews op Etsy

3 tips for more sales and reviews on Etsy

Hi Creative Entrepreneur & Etsy Fan. In this blog I share 3 Super Tips with you that mine Etsy store immediately a boost Gifts in likes, sales and reviews. If you have just opened an Etsy store or have you had a store for a while, but few sales, then these adjustments are the first steps to take to generate sales. 

Do you think now, what is Etsy and why would I want to sell through Etsy? Then read this first Blog post about international sales via Etsy

-> Let me know below in the comments what you are going to sell or what you are selling in your Etsy Shop and and what your goals are with your Etsy Shop, nice to talk about it !! 

Show your specialty

  1. Chances are that there are many other sellers with products that look like yours. So with a few photos and nice description you won't get there. You must stand out and be unique to be found within your niche. If there is a lot of competition in your market, find a different perspective to be special. For example, if you sell blankets you will come with the search term "blankets" on page 20. Do research into a specialty and the terms and words that go with it.  Then you make '100% woolen blankets' or 'organic blankets'. Don't be afraid to lose customers with this. Through your target group, you can reach more people and you can also adjust your collection to the demand of your niche target group by doing something special for this. That provides better findability, visibility and sales than when you try to pee everyone. 

Etsy is happy to get confirmation that your visitors and customers appreciate your items and Etsy all your higher ranks if you have good reviews and returning customers. How do you achieve that?

  1. Ask for a review In a way that suits you, by means of a flyer with shipping or a text in the shipping confirmation. Although you are not allowed to give a discount in exchange for a review, you can ask for a review and offer a discount coupon. This helps you to get a review and this way visitors come back to your store. Do not put too much emphasis on this because the border for irritation is thin. Also keep the possibility open to receive feedback because you can learn from suggestions and feedback. It helps you to make targeted improvements.  
Sell ​​more on Etsy through more reviews
  1. Impress You on your customer, more than focus on more sales. How can you add where the for your customer? Surprise the customer with something extra. You don't photograph this. It is something very small, a giveaway that fits your shop range, a nice flyer, a card. Share tips with your customer how the packaging can be reused. In this way you deliver what your customer expects, and more. This way you ensure that your customer is so surprised that they tell their friends and they come back to your shop.   

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Annemieke Jagat Prem XO

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Hallo, ik las net dat je om de 6 weken een workshop geeft over Etsy. Kun je zeggen waar ik mij op kan geven.

Groetjes Benieta

B van der Vliet

Hallo, ik las net dat je om de 6 weken een workshop geeft over Etsy. Kun je zeggen waar ik mij op kan geven.

Groetjes Benieta

B van der Vliet

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