The little classic messenger in 100% wool felt with contrasting brown buffalo leather. For more than six years in our collection and in use all over the world. Available in our three colours uncoloured felt: grey, sandy/taupe and black/anthracite. The pictures show the black bag.

The 3-mm thick felt from which this bag was cut (from one piece!) has round shapes on the side. As a result, the bag is spacious, lightweight and can carry a lot without losing its shape. The uncoloured felt is made of 100% pure wool. The bottom of the bag is finished with leather.

*Interior: 1 large compartment, suitable for iPad / 1 small compartment suitable for telephone
*On the inside the felt is finished with a leather bite
*vintage school bag closure with buffalo leather.
*Closing can be opened and closed with one hand.
==References====External links==* Scotch leather shoulder strap in cognac brown and 2.5 cm wide, adjustable with a buckle.

Bag dimensions, inside back:
Width: 28 cm -11"
Height: 20 cm -7.8"
Bottom / depth: about 6 cm -2.4"

*Personalize your bag with a leather name. ** Because we have recently adapted the size and font, you can see a good example of this Here.The advantage is that we can now make a name of nine characters, in which max 2x can avoid the same letter.

*Replace the open boxes with zippers. The last picture shows the option for the zippers. This will make the rear compartment a little smaller.

This bag is handmade in the Netherlands of high quality wool.
Wolvilt is a water- and dirt-resistant natural product. It's firm and soft. It's made by friction. By rubbing with a different rough surface, the felt can wear out faster than the leather parts of the bag.

Delivery time: This bag is made in small storage. Consider a delivery time of two weeks, or inform to stock.