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Large felt bag with a kek color and zipper. From now on, take your laptop with you IN STYLE. Our largest all-rounder with a yellow surface for a fresh and retro look. Leather details on the inside and bottom. Handy with 2 smaller leather compartments on the inside and a strong metal zipper. Due to the special construction, this bag folds inwards and stays nicely in shape. The bag has light weight so never again a sore shoulder.

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* Unpainted grey felt 100% wool, 3 mm thick and for the front of the bag a flat yellow natural wool felt.
* Water buffalo leather for bottom and closure, in cognac brown. The bottom is extra reinforced.
* Cognac water buffalo handles, extra sturdy and easily fit over your shoulder. The distance between bag and highest point shoulder strap is about 32 cm.
* 2 leather inner compartments: These are compartments for loose items and are higher in the bag so you can easily access them. size 15 x 15 cm
* Bag size: Height: 36 cm Width: 28.5 cm Depth (bottom) about 12 cm. It easily fits a 13 inch laptop with cover.
* Zipper or magnetic closure: Opt for an easy magnetic closure or a zipper. Example: The sand brown XL shopper in the photo with the red backgroundMag has a magnet closure.

This bag will be shipped free of charge. Expect a production time of at least one week.  Do you have questions about shipping, production time or anything else? We are happy to help you.

And: Large and sturdy pure wool felt Shopper Bag.The base colour is gray undyed wool, with a band of contrasting black wool on the front. Bageasily fits a 13" macbook with a case. 2 leather interior pockets, an extra sturdy leather bottom and shoulderstraps. The sandbrown bag shows the option of a magnetic closure.