Spacious felt bag with a kek tan and zipper. From now on you take your laptop in style. Our largest all-rounder with a yellow right for a fresh and retro look. Learn details on the inside and the bottom. Handy with 2 smaller leather compartments on the inside and a strong metal zipper. Due to the special structure, this bag folds inside and it stays nicely in shape. The bag has slightly own weight so never again a sore shoulder.

* Unpainted gray felt 100% wool, 3 mm thick and in front of the bag a flat yellow natural wool felt.
* Water buffelet for soil and closure, in cognac brown. The bottom is extra reinforced.
* Handles from Cognac Waterbuuffleeer, extra sturdy and easy to fit your shoulder. The distance between bag and highest point shoulder strap is approximately 32 cm.
* 2 Learn to enter: these are subjects for loose stuff and are higher in the bag so that you can easily reach it. Dimensions 15 x 15 cm
* Dimension bag: Height: 36 cm Width: 28.5 cm Depth (bottom) About 12 cm. Easily fits a 13-inch laptop with cover, with charger lunch and water bottle.

Make the bag personal and unique with a short name text in leather. This is a separate product, you will find it here with explanations and examples: https://westermanbags.com/products/namentekst-op-ipadhoes-name-grons-leder

Are you looking for a bag in the same style but just a hit more spacious? The grift XL bag is the larger variant on these felt paperbag.https://westermanbags.com/collections/bags/products/grift-xl-felt-shopper-bag-yellow-and-grey-with-zipper

This bag is sent free of charge within the Netherlands. Count on a production time of at least a week. Do you have questions about shipping, production time or something else? I would like to help you.

*** and: Large and Sturdy Pure Wool Felt Shopper Bag.The Base Color is Gray Undyed Wool, with a Band or Contrast Black Wool On The Front. BagEasily Fits A 13 "MacBook With A Case. 2 Leather Interior Pockets, An Extra Sturdy Leather Bottom And Shoulderstraps.