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Essential oil

Essential oil

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Essential oils are also called aromatic, essential or volatile oils. This oil is extracted from plants and is therefore very suitable for people who are vegan and want to use a 100% natural product without additives.

Contents: 19 ml pure oil in glass bottle with unique metal valve.

Essential oil can have many different scents and therefore made of many different plants, flowers or fruit species. Pervane has a wide range and every scent has its own effect on the body and the mind. Each scent has different properties and can therefore be used for other purposes.

You can use these oils in a diffuser, odor stones, to make your own cosmetics, (massage) oil and cream spray, in the bath and to steam with it.

Nice to know: With every order you will receive a ticket with the operation of the oil and tips for use.

The range is always expanded so if you miss a scent, let me know, it is usually available in the short term.


Bergamota (Bergamot) - Fresh citrus scent and a classic in aromatherapy. The oil isat the same time Refreshing, calming and creating. Good oil in tension, listlessness gloom And (winter) depressions.

Cedro (Ceder) - Oil that has been won from the cedar tree for centuries and probably millennia. The woody scent brings peace and tranquility and soothes anger and fear. A fine oil in tensions. Evaporate in respiratory tract infections

Geranio de Egypt (Egyptian geranium) - A friendly heart opening floral oil that protects against negative thoughts. In the evaporator, this oil supports you to come back to yourself when you are over -it is over -emotions.

Espliego (Lavandula Latifolia) - The smell of Spijklavender oil is located between lavender and rosemary. Use this oil in a massage oil to relieve the muscles and in a diffuser or as a steam bath to relieve the airways. Insects and especially flies do not like this scent.

Romero (rosemary) - Rosemary oil stands for everything that stagnates in your body and mind and strengthens what energy needs. Rosemary stimulates and heats (psyche, body tissues and blood circulation), is exciting and promotes blood flow.



Please Note - The Essential Oils Cannot Be Shiped Outside The Eu Due to Shipping Policies.


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