Are you the proud owner of a beautiful Fairphone? Of course, such a Dutch design and concept requires a durable and Dutch cover! These felt insert cases are the bestsellers for Fairphone from my collection. Do you prefer a case with closure and / or extra compartments, let me know and I will gladly make it for you.

The latest Fairphone 3+ no longer comes with a bumper as standard. Do you have the Fairphone 3 with bumper? Then order Fairphone 3. This case is spacious enough for the Fairphone with bumper. Do you use the Fairphone 3+ without extra protection? Then choose the Fairphone 3+ size.

You can make your own favorite color combination, choose from the following colors:

Basic color:uncolored wool for the back and bottom-front:

Gray / Black (anthracite) / Taupe (sand brown)

Contrast color: for the lower part of the front:

WineRed - Yellow - Freshgreen - Mossgreen - RoyalBlue - Ocean Blue - Burnt Orange - Dark Pink

You pass on the colors as a message to the seller during the ordering process.


Are you the proud owner of a real Fairphone? We make sustainable wool felt cases for Fairphone, ever since it's first launch. The pure wool makes a perfect companion for your cherished modular phone.

Now with the Fairphone # 3 out in 2019 we can make your felt case according to your wishes. Buy ordering this product your will receive a pure woolen felt case in sleeve-style.

Please note that the new Fairphone 3+ is now being delivered without the bumper, which was a standard accessory with Fairphone 3. Please choose "Fairphone 3" for the large sleeve to accomodate Fairphone 3 + bumper. Please choose size "Fairphone 3+" for the bare Fairphone 3+.

If you wish to have a case with extra pockets and or a closure, please let me know and I'm happy to make this for you.

Available colors:

Base color from undyed wool felt - for the upper front part & back:

Gray - Black - Sandbrown / taupe

Contrasting color - for the lower front part:

WineRed - Yellow - Freshgreen - Mossgreen - RoyalBlue - Ocean Blue - Burnt Orange - Dark Pink

Please add your favorite color combination as a message to seller in the checkout process.