Wild box for Fairphone 4, 3+ or 3 with extra box in a contrasting color felt.

This is the fillet plugin for Fairphone 4 and 3+ with a contrasting color box on the front. Choose your own color combination.

This housing is made of pure wool felt and is a 100% Dutch product.


For Fairphone 4, 3 and 3+.

Fairphone 3+ is no longer supplied by default with a bumper. You got the Fairphone 3 with the bumper? Then order Fairphone 3. This cottage is spacious enough for the Fairphone with a bumper. Do you use the Fairphone 3+ without extra protection? Then choose the Fairphone 3+.

Put your own colors together, there are endless possibilities.

In the pictures you can see some examples.

* Basic color: Undyed wool, pure wool of 3-mm thickness. Colours: grey, sandy or black.
* Contrasting colour for the trade:Red, Yellow, Ocean Blue, King Blue, Mosgreen, Fresh Green, Burnt orange, Black or Dark Pink.

How to order the right color: During the ordering process you can send a message. Write here the base color and the contrasting color.