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Your first 100 selling are a milestone and a momentum for the growth of your online store. Imagine how it feels if you open your Etsy or Shopify Dashboard next year and you see hundredth sale there.
"Magic 100"Does you mean:
* The biggest challenges of online entrepreneurship have been tackled
* Have made your first profit
* You've thorned and danced.
* Your production process has refined
* A number of ***** have received beautiful reviews.
* Have built a customer base
It also means that after all the search, customize and repair and wait, you foundation built under your Etsy Shop. So that you can focus more and more on what you prefer to do it: making and developing your products.
The training "from 0 to 100 sales in 1 year" with Etsy starts on October 2, 2021.
You will get started 6 weeks intensively with your online store and with a group of courageous and like-minded creatives. You are working on optimizing your online store on Etsy (and or Shopify), your marketing, visibility and findability.
To the power of together Growing and inspiring We do this with "smallgroup learning" where we have a live meeting every two weeks (total 4x) through Zoom. Besides, there are Focus assignments So that you can put your attention and energy into the things that really work. You will receive instructions, videos and sources to provide you with all the information you need to develop your Etsy store.
Due to the timing of this training in the fall, you can fully design your collection and your Etsy store and prepare for "Holiday Season" the moment at the end of the year in which you can generate the most sales.
Extra bonus 1:A 15 Days Challenge To challenge you every day to work on your Etsy Shop and to optimize your store for Etsy's SEO ... without having to work thick books with difficult terms for this. (And what Etsy's SEO is I explain to you in training!)
Extra bonus 2: oneHalf an hour 1 at 1 session worth 35 euros - In addition to the 4 live meetings you can get 1x a half an hour privately Books to watch your Etsy Shop online together and the things you encounter to tackle. This time can book your online agenda; from the beginning of the exercise until three weeks after the program.
The live sessions are on Wednesday from 20: 15-21: 45 using a special online learning environment where all resources, worksheets and recordings are available.
Session # 1: TBA
Session # 2: TBA
Session # 3: TBA
From the last day 15 days Etsy SEO Challenge