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Sint Jans Oil (Hipericum oil)

Sint Jans Oil (Hipericum oil)

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Sint Jans Oil is a special skin oil for use with small wounds and scars. The plant is harvested during Sint-Jan; When the sun is at its highest point, it is time to harvest the clear yellow flowers. The oil is also called John oil.

The oil that we sell is especially for use on the skin and consists for a small part of sesame oil. Sesame oil nourishes and rejuvenates the skin and thereby strengthens the functioning of Saint John oil that works on your muscles and small skin lesions.

Contents: 30 ml Sint-Jans oil and a small share of sesame oil.

Sint Jans Olie has been used for centuries and probably millennia in sunburn and burns. As a massage oil it has a warming and relaxing effect on stiff or cold-sensitive muscles, spit, rheumatism, gout or ischias.

Good to know:

* Storing dark: the oil quickly deteriorates in quality when it is stored in a warm environment or sunlight.

* Do not go in the sun after you have lubricated Sint Jans Oil on your house.

* The name Hypericum refers the father of the sun in Greek mythology because of the numerous golden yellow flowers, to the God Hyperion.


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