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Natural therapeutic massage oil

Natural therapeutic massage oil

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Our selection of therapeutic oils is designed to be used as a massage oil. All oils have a base of cold, first pressing coconut and almond oil.

They each contain 120ml oil and are supplied in a glass bottle with a unique metal lid and foot.

Aceite Anti Rheumatico - Oil for support rheumatic complaints. This oil contains well -known herbs of oils that have a deep, anti -inflammatory and pain -relieving effect such as Marjoleine, rosemary, sage and camphor. This oil works against (muscle) pain, sprains, arthritis, stress on muscles after exercise. You can use this oil locally as a massage oil and is not suitable for the head.

Aceite Respiratorio - is an oil to support the airways and is liberating in the event of a cold, group and coughing. The oil contains eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme and mint. For example, apply as a massage oil on the chest and back. Or put a few drops in a hot water for steaming or in the diffuser.

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