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Vanmij - Leather keycord Lanyard

Vanmij - Leather keycord Lanyard

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Let my handmade leather keycord add a touch of style that matches every outfit, and is therefore the perfect functional accessory. Hold your keys, wallet and ID badge effortlessly with this unique natural leather keycord.

Made from top quality Eco leather, perfect for daily use. Every keycord (also known as Lanyard) is made by hand one by one with love and care.

The personalized keycord is of course an ideal gift for a loved one or for yourself! It is practical, comfortable to wear your neck while keeping your hands free and your personal belongings within reach.

This keycord is made of beautifully unpainted and vegetable tanned water buffalo leather. Because of the natural character and the open texture, this leather is perfect for engraving initials or name.

***** Characteristics *****

* Material: eco leather; Unsurfized and vegetable tanned
* The leather neck strap has a solid vintage stylish rotating hook / carabiner that can be used to confirm keys, wallet, badges, id's and more.

***** Mate ******
This Lanyard / Keycord is available in 40/45 cm / 50 cm length. This is the length of the keycord measured from the top/bending of the leather to the bottom of the carabiner with rotating hook. The short version is suitable for children and 50 cm length for a large adult.

***** Personalize *****
Turn the keycord an extra special gift by choosing initials or a short name of a maximum of 9 letters and a maximum of twice the same sign. Simply pass on the initials or name via the message with your order.
-> In addition to the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 1-9, there are the special characters #@&+ and a heart ❤️ <— 

***** Colour *****
Does the design appeal to you but do you prefer a different color? I tailor -made your keycord and name text in the following color options:

* Naturally unpacked Eco-Leer; The most natural -friendly and most sustainable leather. View this natural keycord with namehere

* Natural leather in red-pink, view this keycord with name text here.

***** Shipping / Order *****
* I keep the shipping costs low due to shipping without tracking or insurance.
* Shipping times to the US, CA and AUS 2-4 weeks
* Shipping upgrade- If you want to follow your package and have it replaced when it does not arrive, use the track & trace or express shipping upgrade or inquire about the possibilities.

For inspiration and daily updates:
* Instagram / Facebook - @westermanbags

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