Macbook sleeve made of 100% wool felt

A Macbook cover of woolfelt and is functional, durable and fashionable choice. The basic colors in the collection are gray, black and brown sand, where you can add a contrasting color of your choice. Wool is a renewable and biodegradable material. It is soft and firm and is therefore the perfect protection for your laptop, iPad or phone. All the wool in my covers in 3 mm thick and has a high density. It is produced in Europe comes directly "factory" to my studio where I have bags and bags of flavor. And then it is sent to you by post. I work for over 13 years and the world in this way! You buy a 100% Dutch design and product, the lines are as short as possible and cost and footprint for middlemen, store space and retail rentals are saved.

Choose your favorite color

Colors: Want a different color combination than is depicted? Choose your favorite color and send a message with your order with (this may during the checkout process). The contrasting colors you can choose from are: Yellow / Ocean Blue / Burnt Orange / Moss / Fresh Green / Dark Pink / Wine / Royal Blue and basic colors are gray, brown and black sand.

Sizes:Standard for all Macbooks and (new), now Lenovo Think Facebook. Is your size not here? Request you to cover.

Personalize: In almost all cases, a short name or initials are made in leather. This is a separate product and you can read more here about.

it is not your size laptop, tablet or phone with? Or get there no matter what size to choose? use my decision aid to the correct sizeto find.

Maintenance:Brush, rinse and rinse with lukewarm water, line dry, avoid rubbing.


Your cover is made when I received the order. This usually takes 2-5 days. Do you need to cover a certain date? Let me know, keep me in mind. Phone cases are sent in an envelope with no track and trace, tablet and laptop sleeves are sent as parcel post with track and trace.