Etsy + Shopify Support and Coaching

Make an online super start with your own creations. Sell ​​quickly and easily via Etsy + Shopify, the perfect online combination to put your own made items in the spotlight and earn money with it.

Couple. You make beautiful things, you have been busy for years. Your family and friends are your fans and your largest customers. But now you want further to grow. You know that you make something beautiful but are unsure about the next steps. Markets, fairs and fairs are fun and inspiring to experience but in these times of Social Distancing live events are not reliable to grow your brand. You have ever looked at Etsy and maybe even one shop Open. But .. how do you get to the First one hundred to sell?

With Etsy and Shopify you can easily store your brand internationally or quickly and quickly. Even if you want to stay small. Or maybe just if you want to stay small. Because the world has enough plastic trash and cheap import. There is a lot of demand for that one beautiful product, made by hand, with a special and in person story. Even though you may still think; "Who is waiting for my product?" .. Together we determine how you get your product with the right customer. Because a lid fits on every jar; You just have to search for the right one match

You can purchase a strippenkaart here for personal kickstart sessions, where I look at your screen with your screen, in Etsy and or Shopify and you can give many tips and tricks in a short time, exactly where you need it.

Do you need more than the technical part, and do you wonder how exactly your brand drops and do you want to reach your first 100 (international) sales in a year? Then please contact me, there is a wonderful program in the making where you are intensively working to put your own brand / creations on the map worldwide & where you will find out for years of fun.